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Additive Australia is the authorised reseller and service partner for EOS and AMCM equipment in Australasia.

We connect you to the world’s premium AM technology and industrial 3D printing equipment, providing expertise and access to both industry standard and fully customised systems. With an established partnership and industry relationships throughout Australia and Asia, we are uniquely prepared to provide your business with end to end additive manufacturing solutions.

Equipment catalogue

As the reseller and service partner for EOS and AMCM equipment, Additive Australia offers customers access to a range of polymer and metal AM equipment and systems.

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Polymer Additive Manufacturing

EOS FORMIGA P 110 Velocis

The established entry-level system

This established industrial 3D printer has set new standards on the market thanks to its high reliability and reproducible part properties. The machine is low-maintenance, requires very few accessories and has a low cost of ownership.
Download EOS factsheet (PDF, 112.1KB)

EOS P 396

Highly productive 3D printing system

Processing 14 materials with 26 parameter sets allows a wide range of applications. Requirements of various industries can be completely fulfilled due to the printed parts excellent properties and dimensional accuracy.
Download EOS factsheet (PDF, 261.1KB)

EOS P 500

3D printing in a new dimension

The system processes high-performance plastics, enabling maximum diversity of materials. The innovative powder layering system and dual laser set up can reduce the cost of parts by up to 30%. Application and material development are supported by open software interfaces and user-friendly tools.
Download EOS factsheet (PDF, 177.9KB)

EOS P 770

Additive manufacturing of series parts

A selection of 9 plastic materials and 9 material/layer thickness combinations are currently available, providing diversity. The optimized temperature management, improved layering speed and dual powerful lasers significantly reduce the build time and hence the part costs.
Download EOS factsheet (PDF, 196KB)

EOS P 810

The 3D printing system for the series production

The improved layering speed, rapid digital scanner, and dual powerful lasers significantly reduce the build time and increase the productivity. The parts have excellent strength to weight ratio and are able to withstand high temperatures, allowing opportunities for the replacement of expensive metal parts with plastics.
Download EOS factsheet (PDF, 196KB)

Metal Additive Manufacturing

EOS M 290

Award winning metal 3D printer

The exceptionally high beam quality of the laser spot and the excellent detail resolution are ideal for producing highly complex components with homogenous properties.  Processing a wide range of materials, this medium size system is suited for development and production environments.
Download Factsheet (PDF, 385.4KB)

EOS M 300-4

DMLS quality with up to 10x more productivity

The EOS M 300-4 enables flexible adaptation to all individual requirements through various degrees of automation and modularity. This robust system has been developed for production environments and the serial manufacturing of metal parts.
Download Factsheet (PDF, 399.7KB)

EOS M 400

Proven DMLS quality for industrial production

1000-watts of laser power increases productivity with higher build rates and thicker layers. Ideal for serial manufacturing of large metal parts. A comprehensive collection of materials is available, from light metals to stainless steel, tool steels and super alloys.
Download Factsheet (PDF, 279.2KB)

EOS M 400-4

The ultra-fast four-laser system

With its intuitive user interface, flexible software tools and diverse accessories, the system meets every usage requirement of an industrial production environment. Highly automated procedures and processes guarantee ease of operation.
Download Factsheet (PDF, 279.3KB)

Service & Support

Utilising our experience to provide guidance and technical development

Purchasing a 3D printer is just the beginning. We help businesses proactively consider a range of logistical and operational decisions beyond the specification sheet of the machine itself.

As authorised reseller and service partner for EOS and AMCM equipment, we go beyond product recommendations, technical training and installation assistance. We provide customers with pre and post sales support, and comprehensive training and consulting packages to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their investment and are fully realising the benefits of AM.

Our in-country service offering includes:

  • Pre installation planning
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Setup and operation training
  • Build data preparation training
  • Parameter editor training
  • Planned/preventative maintenance visits
  • Reactive and remote support
  • Local stock of powders and consumables (mitigation of supply chain risks)

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Unrivalled Additive Manufacturing Expertise and Support

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