Our Mission

Decades of experience has taught us that simply purchasing or accessing 3D printing technology is not the ‘silver bullet’ that end users initially hope for. The team at Additive Australia know that the best outcomes are achieved when companies fully leverage the unique benefits that AM has to offer.

Utilise our deep specialist knowledge; whether you are at the beginning of your AM journey or excited to extract the most value from your equipment as an existing end user of the technology.

Our Team

Gary London

With an extensive tenure of over 35 years in engineering, Gary possesses unparalleled expertise in the sales, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of high-value capital equipment. Over the last decade, he has been actively engaged with a globally renowned supplier of Industrial 3D Printing equipment, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the Australian Additive Manufacturing (AM) sector, where he has been located for the past 5 years.

Gary’s unique skill set, characterised by robust engineering acumen, adept problem-solving capabilities, and profound knowledge in AM, positions him as a distinguished troubleshooter and knowledge transfer facilitator across diverse market verticals, including defense, aerospace, lifestyle, medical, and dental. Over the course of Additive Australia’s establishment, Gary has also garnered significant experience in the realm of polymers, making him one of the select few capable of comprehensively covering the entire spectrum of laser-based powder bed technologies, encompassing both metal and polymer applications.

Sebastian Blake
Service Engineer

Aiming to assist our ever-growing customer base to succeed in their Industrial 3D Printing journey. Sebastain has completed both Polymer and Metal field service engineer training from our partner EOS, adding to his strong electrical and mechanical skill set.

Coupled with hand-on experience in the service and maintenance of complex machinery and equipment and drawing on over 14 years of mechanical experience, Sebastian brings his service and repair skills from a variety of service roles to provide the best possible customer support. Prioritising customers efficiency and minimising downtime.

Wuping He
Business Development Manager

With a passion for driving business growth and a proven track record in strategic development, Wuping is an adept Business Development Manager
(BDM). Armed with 10+ years of experience across multiple roles within the realm of Additive Manufacturing.

Wuping’s ability lies in crafting and executing dynamic strategies that not only unlock new opportunities but also foster lucrative partnerships,
ensuring sustained success in the ever-evolving business landscape. Renowned for a keen understanding of market dynamics and a results-driven approach, Wuping excels in identifying and capitalising on emerging trends.

A collaborative spirit defines Wuping’s approach, adept at building and nurturing relationships that seamlessly align client needs with organisational
goals. Energised by challenges, Wuping is committed to delivering tangible value, consistently surpassing revenue targets, and establishing enduring connections. 

Our Partners

Additive Australia has partnered with pioneering suppliers of best-in-class Additive Manufacturing hardware and software companies EOS and AMCM.

Since 1989, EOS have been a global leader in high-quality Additive Manufacturing machines and industrial 3D printing solutions. Alongside EOS, our partner AMCM, are pioneers of bespoke, customised Additive Manufacturing machinery.

Our experienced team are on hand to guide our customers throughout their entire AM journey.  This starts with pre sales activities such as advising on systems and applications, through to providing technical services that include installation, commissioning, qualification, training and maintenance.